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Mars Baby Comes To Terms With The End of An Consuming Romance On Echoes EP

The complexity of love and time is one where bliss makes forever temporary and anguish everlasting. [STAY LOW]’s anthology of revolving paradoxes, Mars Baby toils with an excruciating exorcism from heartache on his new EP Echoes.

Echoing the infamous biblical sentiment of Luke 12:2-3 popularised as the idiom “What’s done in the dark will come to light”, the antithesis of his groundbreaking love-struck debut Salem, sees Mars Baby vulnerably grieving the end of the spiritually intoxicating relationship which inspired hits such as “Over U” and “Salem’s Mantra.”

With lead singles such as “Be Safe” and deeper cuts such as “Lily” and “In The Dark”, Echoes is a vulnerable account of Mars Baby’s agony to release himself from the shackles of an endearing intimacy that was as potent as the addictive substances that plague the multifaceted rockstar from time to time.

Healing is not a linear journey, and for an aching heart that is still in need of closure, the [STAY LOW] pharmacy prescribes a healthy dose of Mars Baby.

Stream Echoes, request your record on your preferred radio station and connect with Mars Baby for More Music.

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