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Mashbeatz Is On A Self-Re-Discovery Journey With New Album, “This Is Religion”

Seasoned musical producer, dj and mixing engineer, Mashbeatz has been considered one of the most prolific music producers for his soulful, sample-based style.

Introduced to the masses with his Thanks For Nothing in 2018, with his then crew – The Wrecking Crew, Mashbeatz has been making his mark since. Known to be synonymously with esteemed rapper, A-REECE, Mashbeatz has taken his own route as an independent being and producer.

Mashbeatz served the hip-hop community with a song of the year contender with the release of “Never Ride”, which caused a disruption in the music industry, and later received a remix that featured Sjava, Lucasraps, 25K, Wordz, Maglera Doe Boy, Buzzi Lee, Roiii, YoungstaCPT and Anzo.

On the 25th of November, Mashbeatz honoured his late father’s birthday with the release of his highly anticipated brand new album, This Is Religion, that was teased all year long. Accumulating over 1 million streams hours upon the release, it’s evident that his fans/supporters had been starved for a long period, because they ate it up!

The album did receive mixed emotions and reviews on the day of its release and the reason behind that, is because Mashbeatz delivered an album that’s much more than hip-hop. Granted that the fans/supporters expected hits like “Never Ride”, This Is Religion does cater some of that vibe on the album, but Mashbeatz also branched out and explored with new genres such as R&B and soul with the features from R&B mavens Una Rams, KLY, Marcus Harvey, Joda Kgosi, Halo Yagami, Tron Pyre and Raspy. This is his journey of self-re-discovery.

Mashbeatz also enlists features from Thato Saul, Tyson Sybateli, Maglera Doe Boy, Muzi, Wordz, K. Keed, Flow Jones, Teerage, Black Myth and producer Yumbs on this 15-tracker body of work. The element that makes this album standout is the fact that Mashbeatz collaborated with a wide range of young artists that are buzzing on the internet.

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