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Meet Business By, Sad Boi By and Lover Boi By On SPIJONGET

Concluding a narrative that was conceptualized in 2018, ByLwansta not only delivers his debut album, but also completes his trilogy. SPIJØNGET was initially introduced to listeners as a series of three 4-track EPs (“Chapters of my life”) released individually (and strategically) in 2019, 2022 & 2022 respectively. 

“SPIJØNGET is a term I coined back in 2018, which means fuck it – just do it. It’s something I came up with during a creative block in an attempt to curb my overthinking and second-guessing surrounding the prestigious debut album”

– ByLwansta

Written as a coming-of-age comedy drama concept album, SPIJØNGET tells a cohesive story written by & told from the perspective of a character named By, set between 2018 and 2022 in South Africa.

SPIJØNGET is a brilliant showcase of ByLwansta’s storytelling and world building. Hinting at a future animated series inspired by the music, the album introduces listeners to the characters of each SPIJØNGET Chapter, Lover Boi By, Sad Boi By & Business By. Listen to “SPIJØNGET” below.

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