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Meet Ceramic Artists Andile Dyalvane & Zizipho Poswa

Imiso Ceramics is a South African high-end brand that sells custom-made contemporary ceramic art that is co-founded by the award-winning ceramic team Andile Dyalvane and Zizipho Poswa. If you didn’t know ceramic art is art made from ceramic materials, including clay and takes many forms that include artistic pottery, tableware, tiles, figurines, and other sculpture. It can be traced as far back as 7000 BC it is in most developed African cultures.

Imiso Ceramics specializes in creating peculiar ceramic pieces that tell visual stories. ‘Imiso’ is a Xhosa word meaning ‘tomorrow’. Imiso was established by both Andile Dyalvane and Zizipho Poswa in 2005. The artist duo both grow up in Eastern Cape and studied at Port Elizabeth Technikon, now known as Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

Andile Dyalvane makes large-scaled ceramic artwork that is a metaphorical vessel in which he seeks to honour his cultural traditions and also share his healing journey. Zizipho Poswa also makes large-scale and smaller, hand-coiled sculptures that are a declaration of African womanhood. Together they continue to tell stories and pay tribute to their cultures that have a hint of modern but are mainly indigenous designs influenced by their surroundings and history.

They use a number of methods and procedures, such as hand pinching, coiling (hand constructing), thrown wheel work, slip casting, press moulding, creative upcycling methods, and glazing. Together they continue to produce a line of upscale ceramics that are exceptionally African in their workshop and gallery in Woodstock’s Old Biscuit Mill, a former factory that is now a thriving market for art, design, crafts, and food. Take a look at some of their artworks below:


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