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Meet Kamva, Your New Favourite Pop Star

My job often requires me to keep my ear close to the ground and I must say, it is my favourite part of the job. One uneventful day, I stumbled into Kamva’s account on IG and immediately began my investigation. Her vocals were impressive, to say the least, and she oozed the purest form of passion in her live performance videos. It kind of reignited my passion for undiscovered artists.

When I first heard the snippet for All Night, I was surprised… but pleasantly so. Emerging artists tend to stay clear of Pop because of the dominance of R&B. From the onset, you are sucked into the songs’ ‘happy’ tempo as Kamva sings, “I’m just tryna be tangled in your sheets”

As a closeted Pop fan, listening to “All Night” is nostalgic in the sense that it takes me back to the 2010’s when Pop infused production what dominant. I say all of this to say, Kamva sounds comfortable on the production, playing with her vocal deliveries throughout. There isn’t a moment where I feel that she is out of rhythm. If I were to rate her execution, I would give it a solid 10/10. Listen “All Night” below.

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