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Meet the Crowd at Ebumnandini ETV in Johannesburg

Ebumnandini in uncomplicated terms is a music event established by musical duo Stiff Pap and multifaceted creator Francesco Mbele known popularly as Franadilla. They created Ebumnandini for Amagroovist – Abantu abathand’ubumnandi [Partgoers – fun-loving people]. They curate nights of sounds curated by the experimental music group Stiff Pap, exploring local and global electronic music. They aim to create a safe space, so they have zero tolerance for hatefulness or harassment.

Through the visual lenses of Kahle Greed whose birth name is Assante Chiweshe, an emerging Johannesburg-based photographer who uses the medium of film portraiture – we get transported into the Ebumnandini ETV parties that were supported by Boiler Room x Ballentine’s and meet the fun loving attendees.

I bought my first film camera and never looked back. I wanted to capture beautiful moments and beautiful people. I’d say my career in photography had only started properly last year in January due to COVID.

Khale Greed – Bubblegum Club

photography by: Khale Greed

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