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Meet The Fly Boys

What is Fly Boys, and how did the concept come about?

Fly Boys is a high-end or premium streetwear brand and the concept for Fly Boys came in 2020. The concept of the brand comes from the statement that has become quite popular which people often use, when something looks nice and it’s referred to as being “fly”, hence the name Fly Boys.

What are your thoughts on streetwear in South Africa and where do you envision the Fly Boys brand going?

Streetwear in South Africa is in a fairly good place right now, as brands such as Butan and Cultish have taken not only South Africa but the globe by storm. So it feels good seeing more local brands being recognized on a global scale. The vision for Fly Boys is to become a well-renowned streetwear brand that encapsulates both African, Eurocentric, and American styles of fashion together. The brand will also launch a female line soon. Which will also be part of our plan to reach a much larger audience.

What type of people are the Fly Boys looking to collab with and how did the relationship develop with Caddy?

Fly Boys is always looking to collaborate with people that put fashion at the forefront and who are lovers of streetwear. People who are into the latest sneaker drops, the latest fashion pops, and who are into rocking the dopest fits. The relationship came about when the brand was about to launch and we were coming up with different names of people who we thought are into fashion and always have the dopest outfits and always look fly, and Caddy was one of those people who we thought really embraced what we stood for as a brand, which is to always look “look fly!”.

What is included in the ‘Last Days of Summer’ Collection?

So the Last Days of Summer Collection is inclusive of 3 main products which are the Fly Boys soaring bird Logo emblem sunglasses, last days of summer tote bags, and finally our last days of summer t-shirts in either black or white colorway.

Can you tell us about the imagery on the totes and T-Shirts?

So the imagery on the totes and the ts-shirts is mainly the imagery of a bee in mid-flight, this is because bees are bright and are often associated with many things including diligence, prosperity, and cleanliness which is what as a brand we were tryna to push with this collection which cleanliness, prosperity, and obviously looking fly while you do that which is what bees do a lot of FLYING!

Who is the Fly Boy collection trying to speak to? What type of person embodies the values of the brand? 

The Fly Boys collection speaks to anyone who is fashion conscious, people who are into looking good and feeling good at any time. There are also trendsetters who like to try out new styles and yet are brave enough to still pull it off with a smile. Hence the company slogan “Only For The Flyest”

What items would you consider to be a Fly Boy essential items? 

Definitely our sunglasses, what other way is there to top up a fly outfit than to rock our signature Fly Boys black glasses!

Where can we shop the collection and what should we keep an eye out for in future?

The entire collection can be found on our website at www.flyboysworldwide.com and keep an eye out for that on our social media pages and lastly expect some more great clothing from us and FLY GIRLS!

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