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Meet Womenswear Pret-à-porter Brand Nola Black

Nola Black is a modern womenswear Pret-à-porter brand that was created in 2016 that promotes fashion as a legitimate form of self-expression. Nola Black provides cutting-edge clothing, motivated by real-world encounters, and contrasting realities that emphasize complicated feelings and highlight the progressive African and Nigerian women’s global viewpoints that are constantly growing. They offer unconventional attire that validates a diverse type of self-pronunciation, interprets individuality, mimics and completes the lifestyle and self-image of multidimensional women.

Their garments represent slow fashion that is filled with personality, quirk and evolved emotion. The brand’s appearance is characterized by modernism, edginess, and a focus on producing uniquely feminine products. By combining the reach of matter, mind, and material, we create apparel with depth and character while maintaining a timeless edge.

Nola Black is a brand that is advanced in sustainable production and consumption by actively communicating the story of our legitimate viewpoint as global-minded African women in order to resist meaningless and rapid fashion. The need for purposeful expression is at the heart of Nola Black, they are greatly motivated by the stories and realities that surround them as a group. All of this is done from the progressive African women’s perspective, which is always growing.


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