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MIA Continues Her Hot Streak With A New Single Titled “Closer”

I am consistently blown away by the amount of talent in the South African R&B scene. Despite only having 2 songs on DSP’s, one can tell that she is by no means a newcomer to music.

Very rarely do you find a vocalist that has all of the characteristics to become an elite talent. With most R&B singers, vocals aren’t the issue as most of them are gifted in that department. The issue comes to life in understanding how to use their voices. Artists with a low vocal range attempt to push their voice into areas they have no business in. On the other had, vocalists with a large vocal range sing us to death.

That’s why I feel that Mia is so special. With this one single to displays her vocal range without singing us to death, whilst maintaining an elite level of songwriting. The precision in how and when to use certain pockets of her voice is immaculate. Mia is definitely one to look out for. Listen to “Closer” below.

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