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Miyelani’s “555” EP Is Ethereal

Miyelani may be a new name to most of you however I assure you she is by no means a newcomer to the world of music. I first came across her work on Soundcloud in 2018, and I always wondered if she would release new music and well… she did. Her “555” EP has been out for some time but as the saying goes; better late than never.

The EP opens with the song “Pretty Boys” and from the onset you can hear that Miyelani has a way with words. She is honest in her writing without sounding crude or like she is oversharing, which is a skill that is extremely difficult to master.

We see this trait throughout the EP as she sings, “We’re acting we’re happy but it’s just drugs”, on the song “Holding Up?”. Her ability to explore topics of love through different lenses is unmatched, however, that isn’t what I feel she does best.

Her beat selection is unorthodox in the sense that I cannot find another artist in the country who opts to choose ‘chaotic’ production. You would think that an artist with soft-spoken vocals would drown in the ‘chaos’ of the production, however, they go together seamlessly. On the song “Sirens”, she shows us the ability to deliver atop downtempo production without sounding flat and she has a genuine feel for the mood and mindset she wants to communicate in her music.

Getting to the end of the EP is a bittersweet moment because “Cellular Device” is such a beautifully intense song but at the same time, it marks the end of our “555” journey. Listen to the EP below.

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