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Mo$hpit Cindy Blesses Us With “Impulse Drop” EP

If you are even remotely familiar with my work then you will be well aware of my affliction for the talents of one Mo$hpit Cindy. So much so, that she was the first artist I opted to write about when I wrote my first ever article – click here to read.

However, we aren’t here for that today. A while ago, Mo$hpit Cindy shared a set of stunning images on her Instagram and I knew then that she had something brewing with her frequent collaborator Lee Global.

source: Instagram(@moshpitcindy)

She opens the 3 track EP singing “I knew it was over when the feeling of this pain became too familiar” – and on that note, I knew that we were in for a heart-jerking performance from the rising R&B talent. Similar to her previous effort, 21st Century Luv, she chose to start the journey on an emotive and somber note, and like a rollercoaster, it only goes upwards towards the crescendo.

source: Instagram(@moshpitcindy)

She continues her performance with “Believe Me” where we see her slightly turn the knob on the tempo and offers up several memorable moments like when she says “I got a kink for broken hearts. Got a thing for mending hearts”.

I cannot objectively say where Mo$hpit Cindy’s ‘best’ performance comes on this EP but I can, with absolute certainty, point to “Blessing” as my favorite performance on the EP. Much like her SoundCloud drop “Guilty”, I love hearing her express her braggadocio. Let me know which song is your favourite on the EP in the comments and enjoy Impulse Drop below.

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