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Monovonic Announces Visuals

The R&B scene in South Africa has been an ever growing community, and even if it’s been at slow pace, many people are starting to pay attention to the artists that contribute to this amazing community.

Singer-songstress Monovonic came into the scene late 2022 when she delivered her debut EP in November, dubbed, “Pure Intentions” – A 6 piece offering that uncovers emotional layers of Big Mono.

Taking to social media last night, Monovonic captioned; “visuals dropping soon” with a carousel of images taken by Yoosh in what seems to be a live performance setting. On the 8th slide of the Instagram post we see Monovonic sitting in a live performance setting, making us think that we are about to be treated to a visual live performance.

Theo Manjo
culture specialist. @itsmanjobruh across all platforms.

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