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Monovonic Is Under The Spell Of Love On Debut EP “Pure Intentions”

New Pretorian born singer-songwriter named Monovonic has given us a piece of her with the release of her debut EP titled, Pure Intentions, following her debut single release, “Piece Of Me”.

On the release of the debut 6-tracker, Monovonic delivers a soft spoken ballad and as you dive into the into the EP, you realize that she is under the spell of love – with pure intentions. The Congolese born producer and musical artist, Elizee shares his rich percussive craft on the production that allows Monovonic to be expressive and to showcase her emotionally exposed.

The opening three songs is Monovonic is in her Feelings and being hopeful to share a Piece of her love but it might seem Reckless… The last three songs that end the project, is Monovonic being intentional with her writing and storytelling as she voices her personal experiences with her smooth and comforting vocals.

The entire Pure Intentions EP uncovers emotional layers of the songstress, Monovonic, who is under the spell of love.

Released on the 11th of November, this is Monovonic’s introduction to the niche R&B community in the music industry.

Theo Manjo
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