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Moonchild Sanelly Releases “Kokokokoko” Single Pack

Moonchild Sanelly has had an amazing year with her releasing an album titled Phases, which was well received by fans and critics alike. The success of her album led to her leaving our shores and heading to Europe for a tour.

In typical Moonchild fashion, she shared a rather risque set of visuals to share the news of her latest single titled “Kokokokoko” featuring Jidenna. The single sees her deliver more of her Ghetto Funk inspired sound which she is most known for. The song carries hints of Afrobeat, which is a vibe that Jidenna is more than comfortable executing. The second single titled “Mama’s Love” sees her enter a deeper pocket with Theology HD’s production capabilities receiving the opportunity to shine through. As is the case with most of Moonchild’s catalogue, the offering is meant to be consumed in a party environment. Listen to “Kokokokoko” below.

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