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Moonchild Sanelly & Scottish Leader Partner Up For A Limited Edition Bottle

With the news cycles being dominated by Amapiano artists making waves overseas and the Grammy-winning exploits of Black Coffee, you would not be remiss if you weren’t aware of the exploits of Moonchild Sanelly in the year 2022. To give you a brief overview of her year thus far, she started off the year with the release of her Phases album – click here to read more on that.

Following the release of her album, she went on to be interviewed by SXSW in the build-up to her performance at the annual SXSW annual festival. This was a full circle moment for her as she first graced the SXSW platform in 2013 as an upcoming act. Now a headliner, Moonchild Sanelly got the opportunity to break down how she came to fulfil her vision of becoming an international act.

Her stop in the US was only a slight detour within her overall journey and went on a tour to Europe, specifically England and Scotland. Despite her being a huge international act, her return to home soil came with a very special collaboration with Scottish Leaders. The Whiskey brand partnered with the “Yebo Teacher” hitmaker to release a special edition bottle bearing her resemblance.

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