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MOONGA K. Releases “feels like”

MOONGA K. has released a single titled ‘feels like’ just in time as he is about to stage into the rocking the daises stage. The song sounds like alternative R&B it has a groovy and funky vibe to it. The song starts off with people talking simultaneously before we hear a group of people sing Ayy in sync followed by the sound of a trumpet then beats follow.

The song is about celebration and the feeling of freedom where people have the best times. It is also an encouraging song that can lift someone’s spirit. It is a song that people can dance to uniting them, a song that I believe can bring people together. In a recent interview with MOONGA K., he mentioned that this is a capsule for his next project. I cannot wait to hear what he has in store for us, to listen to ‘feels like’ click below:


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