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Mpumi Msakazi Mlambo To Host The “Metro FM Awards” This Weekend

Msakazi Season in Full Swing – If you were ever asked what season we are in, it’s safe to say that it’s Mpumi Mlambo’s season and we are all just witnesses to it.

With only 4 months into this year, Msakazi bagged one of the biggest weekend shows on Metro FM, The Encore, an exciting and fresh show where she gets to chat to some of the hottest musicians in South African music, picking their brains on their music releases, the current climate on culture and their opinions on the industry. The show airs from 12:00 – 15:00 every Saturday in addition to her show ThenHustler fix, every week day.

With the Metro FM Music Awards making a grand comeback, she is set to be one of the hosts at South Africa’s biggest radio station’s awards. The former Lockdown House Party host is also making a return on TV this May, she will be hosting a wedding show on SABC 2.

Theo Manjo
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