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Multi-Genre Singer-Songwriter Yashna International Releases Her “Bollyyano” EP

Yashna International – Bollyyano EP

Multi-genre singer & songwriter Yashna International has arrived to the scene with a newfound inspiration, and is about to set off some fireworks! Shutting down 2022 with one of her most anticipated projects of the year, a fusion of Amapiano elements, Bollywood embellishments, and Pop melodies; a myriad of hitmaking sounds, a palette cleanser, and a new creation to be introduced into the world of music, exhilarating to say the least!

This project is said to be one of the most solid offerings from Yashna International, and is set to shine a bright light on the artist, where she comes from and who she is, a perfect blend of Indian descent, embedded in South African roots.

Bollyyano is the title of the colourful 6-track EP, and is layered with passionate emotion, and exquisite musicality. Yashna in association with the SAMPRA Development Fund, seeks to present a body of work that will undoubtedly shake the music industry.

Multi-talented creative Neo Ndawo produced, co-wrote, and engineered the entire project. He left no stone unturned when delivering the vision, and sought to compliment Yashna’s flawless vocals with his immaculate use of opulent instrumentation. Track 5 on the project is significant as the contributors include Yashna’s mother (Jennifer), and younger sister (Yashwariya), hence the reason behind “Fam Edition” present in the title, with her mom on the bridge laying alluring vocals in vernacular, and her sister bringing forth smoothe vibes with the electric guitar. Nomadic percussionist, Nish Pillay, contributed to the final song on the project, and can also be heard performing an enthralling chant.

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