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Musa Keys Delivers A Cross-Continental Remix For “Salema (Po Po)” Single

The Tsonga Michael Jackson released one of the most prolific offerings last year with his Tayo album with critics, peers and fans alike singing his praises across the continent. The talented producer is well known for the eccentric vocals that accompany his production and one such example is his performance on “Salema (Po Po)” featuring Tanzania based artist Loui.

To the joy of his fans, “Salema (Po Po)” has received the coveted remix package which will breathe new life into the single. Personally, I am a huge fan of Victony, and his intrinsic feel for harmonies and melodies makes for a perfect fit on the Musa Keys led production. One of the main reasons for my affliction for Victony is his persistent pursuit of pushing the boundaries of his abilities. Whereas most artists from the West African nation would have disregarded the nature of the production and forcibly attempt to approach the song as if it were Afrobeat, Victony’s presence on the song is seamless and one would be forgiven for forgetting this is a remix and not the album version. If you find my analysis of Victony’s performance even remotely interesting, I urge you to read an exclusive interview I did with him earlier in the year – click here. Listen to “Salema (Po Po)” Remix below.

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