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Nadia Nakai Releases New Ferocious “Not The Same” Single Ft. Lucasraps

Nadia Nakai has just dropped off a new single today called ‘Not The Same’ that finds her collaborating with Lucasraps. The joint is pretty hard with its delivery as Nadia Nakai wastes no time setting up the song’s vicious tone with her infectious lyrics that are supported by a catchy singalong hook. Lucasraps input comes to balance out the hyped atmosphere that the joint radiates from beginning to end…

‘Not The Same’ is Nadia’s first solo single of the year last we checked and it follows her 2021 ‘Yatch’ single which was quite a long time ago but art takes time right? From an experiential POV, ‘Not The Same’ definitely gives us a glimpse into Nadia’s current state of mind and we hope this is all leading up to something bigger.

Listen below:

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