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Nadia Nakai, Uncle Vinny & Roiii Set To Release New Merch

Nadia Nakai, Roiii and Uncle are set to release their merch today through Mercha. Mercha is an organisation founded by musicians, music producers, managers, and fans that is proudly African. For the artist. For the fans. is the company’s motto, and it is true of its creators. Co-founders Kyle Brown and Zanda Isaacs claim, “We know first-hand the challenges local musicians confront. 

With ambitions to include further performers from around the continent in 2023, these three musicians are the first to be welcomed into the Mercha family. This implies that fans may now easily access and buy merchandise from African musicians from anywhere in the world. Additionally, each sale will result in royalties going to the artists themselves. providing a new and much-needed source of cash for African artists.

Artists can now design, produce, and sell their goods all in one location for free for the first time ever. The artist receives royalties for each item sold and there are no setup fees or subscriptions; we hope this model will develop and help both artists and fans. Look no further than Mercha if you’re seeking distinctive, high-quality products from some of Africa’s largest musical companies.


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