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Namakau Has Released A Celestial Offering With “Landing” EP

photography credit: Arron Nathan

Born Rhema Stephanie Namakau – Namakau Star firmly distinguishes herself as a genre bender, but essentially she is a musical artist who fuses alternative RnB and Hip Hop. In accordance with Apple Music, her unique new age approach to music is what she describes as genre bending, finding feminine and masculine fluidity in the hip hop and RnB space. 

Her new EP titled Landing encompasses seven songs making the EP 27 minutes long. This body of work opens up with “Tomorrow (Intro)” which is 2 minutes and 48 seconds of Namakau’s saintly voice simply asking if tomorrow never came will you have no regrets. The repeated “if tomorrow never came” line was backed up by choir-like vocals. We then get transported to a mother ship and get taken on a ride to “2088.” When this particular song gets to 0:50 you would swear that Sampa The Great is featured on the song, but it’s in fact Namakau showing off her versatility with so much ease and poise.

Landing carries on with “floating”, “Surrender” an interlude, “Rewind”, “Seazn Luv” featuring Lordkeyyz and lastly “Breathe” featuring Phola Phola. This EP is definitely getting added to my library. Listen to Landing below. 

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