Namakau Star Raises the Vibration on Her Single “Boomerang”

Last week renowned artist Namakau Star unveiled her latest musical masterpiece called ‘Boomerang’, a pop single that is said to pulsates with energy and resonates with the Great Law of Karma. This is also the first extract off of her next body of work titled Life on Pluto.

Collaborating with German indie band The Planetoids during her inspiring time in Berlin, Namakau Star’s upcoming release (via Paradise Sound System) showcases her exceptional songwriting prowess and extraordinary vocal abilities which solidifies her position as a prominent figure in the music industry, particularly in South Africa.

‘Boomerang’ is not just a song; it’s a vibrant musical journey that delves into the profound concept of karma. It invites listeners to reflect on the cosmic balance of cause and effect.

“What you put out always comes back to you,” serves as both an undeniable hook and an undeniable truth. Through her artistry, Namakau Star weaves a narrative that captures the essence of this universal principle, offering an uplifting and empowering experience for her global audience.

Namakau Star’s dedication to her craft is evident not only in her exceptional music but also in her impactful contributions to the industry and society. Fresh off performances at the Baseline Festival Mainstage and the Bushfire Festival, she has festival-goers chanting back her catchy hooks. Beyond her own success, Namakau Star is committed to creating spaces that uplift and empower women in the music world. Her recent collaboration with SAMPRA took her to Berlin for three months, and as the Communications Lead for Paradise Africa, she is truly the voice of the future. Her recent accomplishment of announcing the Artist of the Year in collaboration with Neumann Microphones at the prestigious Basadi in Music Awards highlights her commitment to recognizing and celebrating excellence within the industry.

Listen to ‘Boomerang’ below:


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