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Nanette Delivers The Acoustic Version For “Vent”

After releasing the music video for “Vent”, she continues to engage with supporters of her music as she delivers the acoustic visuals for “Vent” on Youtube. The visuals show much more emotion and show a different light to Nanette. Her first performance with a band was captured so amazingly at the UMG offices.

Bad Weather is an album debut derived from Nanette’s loneliness, love lost and grief. While living with her grandmother, Nanette remembers hating the winter months where it would violently storm outside while her grandmother worked late shifts as a nurse in the Eastern Cape. It was during this time that she developed a resentment towards bad weather.

In concept, Bad Weather is a euphemism for troublesome thoughts, the types that keep a person’s mind restless in the quiet moments. “All I’m asking, please weather the bad weather with me…I don’t want to be alone,” Nanette says in summary of her debut album. Watch the video below.

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