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Nanette Takes Us On A Soulful Journey With Debut Album “Bad Weather”

photography source: Instagram(@officiallynanette)

The wait for Nanette’s highly anticipated debut album has finally come to end. Nanette Mbili, who hails from Durban is an emerging R&B/Soul musical artist signed under Universal Music that everyone seems to have their eyes on. The body of work is titled Bad Weather and she takes us through a very soulful as well as an emotional journey with her enticing voice.

The body of work has been in the works for a while as it was written when we were all navigating one of the hardest and unpredictable times of our lives, the 2020 pandemic and its lockdown measures. Nanette was fearful of thunderstorms and lightning as a child and wanted this album to feel like one of the many days she hide in her room when lightning stroke followed by thunderstorms, hence the title, Bad Weather and the opening song “Intro”.

photography source: Instagram(@officiallynanette)

The second song is titled “Vent” which is quite self-explanatory, on this record we get to hear Nanette vent in an alluring manner about a boy who stood her up but was always available for sexual activities. “I wanted to talk about the state of the dating pool right now. Why is everything so sexualised? So I was just upset that I felt like I was such a queen and I wasn’t getting treated right” said Nanette on Apple Music.

With a total of 9 tracks, we got to be transported into different parts of her life. With “Same Mistakes” which happens to be her favourite song, we hear Nanette calling herself out because she had been dishonest about some things in her life and dishonest to herself and the people around her at the time she wrote the song.

Without giving a lot of the album’s details away, listen to Bad Weather below.

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