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Nasty C Addresses Sarkodie & A-REECE On New Freestyle “No Big Deal”

Nasty AMAS

This is hip-hop! Internationally recognized rapper, Nasty C landed back in the country and had to make a stop at the Metro FM studios to chop it up with radio personality, TBO Touch yesterday. The 25 year old rapper shared a freestyle over a DJ khalil instrumental and spoke his mind.

Nasty C used the platform as his public diary where he shared his thoughts on what people have been speculating and talking about over years. Later that evening, Nasty C shared the official audio of the freestyle on his YouTube channel titled, “No Big Deal”.

On this newly shared freestyle, Nasty C addresses his feature declines from Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie and also speaks on the A-REECE “beef” that was created by their labels and fans, dating back to 2016.

Dating back to 2016, when both rappers broke out into the industry at only 18 years old, the two rappers were fans of each other work and those videos living on the internet are proof that the two teenagers were rooting for each other before the labels (Ambitiouz Entertainment and Mabala Noise) started interfering In 2017, Nasty C and A-REECE were seen on live TV hugging it out on a show of Club 808 during Boity’s farewell show… This didn’t mean much then as they both still had questionable moments. In 2018, Nasty C, A-REECE and Shane Eagle represented the country with a fiery BET freestyle but fans picked up that there was shade said indirectly on each freestyle. A month later, Nasty C put his pride aside and booked A-REECE to his show the “Ivyson Tour” and shared on Instagram that he will have a song sent to Reece so they can finally collaborate (since that’s what the fans/supporters of both artists have been requesting for years)… Unfortunately, that never came to fruition as A-REECE showed up at the “Ivyson Tour” concert late, which meant that he missed his set time.

Nasty C took that as disrespect and things went back to square one with both the rappers, with a couple of shots in between their releases. On No Big Deal, Nasty C finally addresses the “beef” speculations and mentions that he has no idea why they’re beefing and wants to be cool with the industry peer, but if A-REECE wants to beef then he’s up for the challenge.

No malice over here, I promise you.. I had some shit to get off my chest that’s all. That’s how & why I make albums

Nasty C shared on his Instagram account.

Listen up below;

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