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Naye Ayla Announce New Single Dropping On Friday

Exciting news for Naye Ayla supporters as she finally breaks her sonic silence by releasing her first solo single since 2020’s “Breathe Me,” which was followed by her EP ‘Every Emotion.’ On March 17, ‘All About you,’ her most recent song, will be made available on all digital music platforms.

The song is produced by a friend and fellow musician, NVMI & we are met by his style of production almost immediately when listening to the song. The production is full & whimsical with many different elements & layers to pick up on with every listen. N VMI’s signature baselines and ethereal pads are carrying this song from start to finish making it an enveloping and dimensional journey.

The message is subtle but firm, and the sound is deep and rich in depth. In order to make music that may be appreciated as a soundtrack or a movie score, Naye believes it is crucial for her to experiment as much as she can with diverse sounds that give the song more mood and more cinema and steer the music away from one-dimensionality.

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