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New Bongeziwe Mabandla Music Drops on January 27th

Award-winning soul singer Bongeziwe Mabandla has without a doubt become a rare breed of artistry to witness and whether you’ve been a fan or not, one fact you can’t deny about this entity is the distinctive (and vulnerable) sounds he offers to the world.

Today the singer announced that he has some new music dropping on the 27th of January which will be coming after a young wait especially when you consider that the last DSP drop was with that ‘zanger (mose remix) in 2021… The performances have been holding many of us down though!

The upcoming new drop is called ‘Noba Bangathini’ (produced by @a1000000things) and seems to be set to definitely mark a new Bongeziwe chapter that’ll hopefully be experienced throughout the year. The artwork was shot by renowned photographer @travysowen and the song is currently available to pre-save.


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