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New ‘Jealous’ Song By The Woodź Drops This Month

The Woodź recently shared the news of his new single called ‘Jealous’ dropping sooner than you think…

Inspired by the perceptions attached to the word jealous, that are often associated with feelings of envy and possessiveness, The Woodź upcoming song is one that is said to explore the idea of obsessiveness and wanting someone to yourself even when you know you shouldn’t keep them.

The forthcoming record is proudly shaped by afro-infused sounds with a melodic mood that evokes a sensual energy and the visuals coming along with it are said to have been influenced by different parts of London that The Woodź (who spent some time over there) describes its energy as being free and liberating in its nature.

That realisation left him wanting to encapsulate the collaboration between the African diaspora and the people of central London and in the music video (directed by Lesedi Nape) for ‘Jealous’, we’ll be seeing him embody the groove of the afro infused song in some avant-garde garments while in the midst of the beautiful Aesthetic of London city.

While working on my new project abroad I realised the importance of having an African narrative in my music, I wanted to collaborate those themes and cadences in an authentic way with my current existing sound. I had the opportunity of working with producers and writers such as DJ Kwamzy, Marshall Stain and many more.

– The Woodź

‘Jealous’ is expected to drop by the end of November.

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