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New Sjava “Isibuko” Album Drops In January

On the 27th of January Sjava is slated to drop off a new album called Isibuko which means “mirror” in English. This news was confirmed via the official 1020 Cartel Twitter social media as well as Ruff himself who (we guess) probably plays the role of executive producer on this one again considering his continuous workmanship with Sjava.

The announcement also came with the revealing of the album’s artwork too which showcases Sjava staring at what looks to be a broken mirror with the mirror acting as a visual & direct translation of the album’s title whereas Sjava’s facial expression and the mirror’s state possibly translate deeper meanings.

So far there are no details on how many tracks the album will contain or who will be on it but Isibuko will mark the official follow-up to that 2021 Umsebenzi experience… The album is currently available for pre-order.

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