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Ney Announces “Thick Slim” Single Featuring Nadia Nakai

Anele Zondo, professinally known as Ney, has taken to social media to announce that she has a new single on the way titled “Thick Slim” featuring none other than Nadia Nakai. She posted a video on social media that… gets the blood boiling, so to speak.

Unfortunately, the video didn’t come with any audio for us to ponder, but looking at the cover art and overall art direction, I think it’s safe to assume that the song will be an anthem of note. With a song title like “Thick Slim” and two of the baddest coming together, could we expect anything else? The single is available for pre-order here and in the meantime, you can listen to her introductory single as an artist while you wait for “Thick Slim”.

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