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Nicki Minaj Jumps On Sexyy Red’s “Pound Town 2”

Sexyy Red has brought in Nicki Minaj and Tay Keith for the remix of her viral song ‘Pound Town 2’. The rising rapper from St. Louis who has collaborated with everyone from Summer Walker to NLE Choppa is mainly recognised because of two viral lines from the original “Pound Town.” The audio and a clip from the music video have been memed to death on TikTok and other social media outlets. “I’m out of town, thuggin’ with my rounds,” Sexy Redd raps. “My coochie pink, my booty-hole brown.”

On the song, Nicki Minaj delivers a scorching verse that matches Sexyy Red’s getting as ratchet as Sexyy Red was in “Pound Town 2.” She makes a few flow changes and boasts about her control over both men and women in it. To listen to ‘Pound Town’ click below:


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