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Nike Announces Metaverse Web3 called .SWOOSH

Whether you’re a designer, storyteller, gamer, or just have a love for the sport and Nike culture, Nike wants you to build Nike’s virtual community with them. The Nike virtual creations include sneakers, apparel, accessories and other collectables you can wear in games or other immersive experiences. Some Nike virtual creations will unlock benefits for you in the physical world, like access to IRL products and exclusive events.

Nike is creating virtual creations because of the way the world is moving and the fact that new technology brings new opportunities to innovate, inspire, and move boundaries. Sports and culture are evolving, so building a future that’s creative, inclusive, and brimming with unlimited possibilities for everyone seems to like the right idea. As more fans are finding new ways to express themselves in the games and social platforms they love, Nike is inviting more of their community to help co-create these products alongside them.

The Nike virtual creation is called .SWOOSH, and it will allow users to create their own collections on the platform, from which they can earn royalties. The first collection is coming soon and that’s just the beginning. They will be building new ways for their community to use, flex, and enjoy your virtual creations. This is not the first time Nike is entering the metaverse world, it first entered this world when it launched its virtual sneakers and brand RTFKT, as well as Nikeland back in 2021. Today .SWOOSH uses tools and technologies similar to Nikeland.

You can know more about the .SWOOSH on Swoosh.Nike


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