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Nikki Newlands Launches “Trap Money Therapy” Mix Series

Known as one of SA’s premier Hip-Hop DJs and currently the most booked female Hip-Hop DJ, Nikki Newlands just launched a new mix series titled Trap Money Therapy. This comes after a 4-month long streak of fully booked and documented shows which have garnered a growing audience. 

Trap Money Therapy will give R&B, Trap-Soul and Hip-Hop fans an immersive Nikki Newlands experience every Tuesday and Friday where each day is dedicated to a specific sound, audience and experience.  Artists will be able to submit their new and unreleased music for an exclusive premiere on the series, giving them access to a broader audience that generally enjoys that type of music. The first session is up on Soundcloud.

You can submit your music to mail@beyondreason.co.za including the full-length song in WAV format or 320kbps mp3 and song details (artist, author, composer/producer, record label/publisher).

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