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Nobuhle & De Mthuda Deliver A New Interpretation of Spirituality On “Jerusalema” Single

My relationship with music has changed and developed as I have grown older. I used to fear being older because I was clinging to the trap of listening to ‘relevant’ music. However, artists like Nobuhle bring an air of calm that my musical tastebuds are maturing. With what feels like divine timing, Nobuhle’s “Jerusalema” comes at a time in my life where I am discovering my own spirituality and redefining my relationship with God. A large part of that journey has come with a shift in mentality, and that shift in mentality has come with a shift towards music that is rooted in meaning. Not that the music I was listening to prior was void of meaning but I seek out artists who can help me introspect and make sense of the many complexities that come with self-discovery. As I’m writing this, I realise that this is more of a personal piece rather than an objective review of the song, but maybe that is the whole point of Nobuhle’s music. Listen to “Jerusalema” below.

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