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Watch: Nomfundo Moh Drops “Soft Life” Music Video

Source: spotify.com

South Africa has a long history with Afro Pop, from legends like Brenda Fassi to more recent acts like Zahara. Nomfundo Moh made an impressive debut with her Amagama album, which music lovers across the continent have received well. 

The KZN native recently released the music video for “Soft Life”, one of the breakout hits on Amagama. The term soft life has negative connotations, particularly in the scope of women. Nomfundo Moh takes back the power of the term by giving us her interpretation through striking visuals.

The music video opens with a barefoot Nomfundo Moh making her way from home to university, a story that most South Africans can relate to. Around the 3 minute mark, there is a powerful image of Nomfundo Moh flanked by women who are graduates and highlights that women can create their own soft life. Nomfundo Moh, who has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, had this to say in an interview with Slikour Onlife, “Personally, I believe I deserve a soft because I’m a hard worker. I’m a hustler”. 

“Soft Life” has all of the traditional elements of an Afro Pop hit, with the spirit and hunger of today’s youth, and that is what makes Nomfundo Moh a transcendental talent. Watch the music video below.

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