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Ntatao’s Journey To “Fighting Futility”

When asked about the importance of the name Fighting Futility, he explained that he has often been troubled by the reality that as a creative, all his jobs will likely be of precarious nature. “Not even Virgil Abloh had a tenure at LV. It’s all under contract, whether it’s 4-5 years,” he went on to explain that the lack of stability has at times made creative endeavours feel futile. “I am at a point where what I do means everything… so I’ve fought the futility of creativity through my work (acting, comedy and rap).”

It’s very easy for one to be hopeless, and the tape is just me fighting against it. The beat selection is impeccable from tracks 1 through 10. Much credit and thanks to the producers. Half the album features production from the tireless and prolific Pretoria native, Dooushii. The other half is by Mark Akol, Pepinovic, Asidom and Flagg Khrome. Ntatao’s penmanship as he glides his way from gripping verse into an infectious hook. Alex Sono grabs the baton and, like an emcee who understood the assignment, murders the second verse. In the outro, Ntatao and Alex go back and forth with admirable chemistry. A frustration piece so beautiful that one might even forget that he’s bleeding through each record, a great listen for any hip-hop head! Listen to Fighting Futility below.

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