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Orange Culture Debuts New FW 23/24 Collection Titled “What If Love Never Comes?”

Orange Culture’s new Fall/Winter 2023/2024 collection was featured at the Tranoi Show in Paris under the title ‘What If Love Never Comes?’ The collection explores topics of belonging, identity, and purpose. It was inspired by the ostracization of single individuals who are evaluated by the absence of a significant partner. The ultimate love story—the one found in oneself—is depicted in the FW collection’s distinctive colour narrative. The collection features a wide range of colours, from watercolour prints to dark greens, as opposed to dark and ominous tones. It includes woven fabrics created by CABES in Burkina, fabrics acquired locally in Lagos, and a combination of imitation and vegan leather. The product’s intricacy varies, from hand-stitched waves to Yoruba embroidery.

There is something redemptive about asking ourselves important questions, especially the ones that society never quite allows us to ask. With this collection, I wanted to introduce a new curiosity about belonging – what we own and to whom we belong. One of the ways we are socialized is to be in search of something that would complete us, and often there is a ticking clock that governs the acquisition of that thing. We live in a world where self-love is so easily compromised in favour of romantic love and external validation. We are corrupted by the illusion that we cannot attain wholeness individually. And often during that search, we abandon ourselves and give in to the idea of incompleteness. What if love never comes?

Creative Director, Adebayo Oke Lawal

The forefront of this collection is Orange Culture’s lengthy history of confronting human sociology through fabrication and colours. The fabric’s contrasts are as vibrant as the questions these garments raise, and they beckon us to contribute our own insights to both the questions Orange Culture is posing and the possible answers we may already possess.

View the whole collection below:


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