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Pepper Row Defining Africanfuturism

Pepper row is not just a luxury fashion brand it is a brand that embodies and merges Africa’s rich heritage, arts and craftsmanship with modern influences for a global clientele. Omafume Niemogha founded Pepper Row in 2018, it currently has a studio in Lagos, Nigeria. Pepper Row is all about fashion, which is a positive tool for social change and environmental change. It is passionate about exploring, promoting and preserving the culture and old-age traditional craftsmanship of hand weaving and dying textile, wood carving and hand painting.

Pepper row is one of those brands that are committed to utilizing more sustainable raw materials that use innovative production techniques with a conscious mind for the environment. The brand is all about working to empower, collaborate with, and train the local craftspeople in small communities. Pepper Row styles are heavily influenced by elements of home design, they have unique matching sets and separates adorned with eye-catching 3D illustrations, raffia trimming, voluminous ruffled dresses, and a variety of amusing accessories.


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