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Phodii Drops “Closer To Me” African-Electronic R&B Debut Single

South African artists continue to break musical barriers and introduce new sounds to the music industry and that is exactly what Phodii has done by fusing Afro House with R&B to make African-Electronic R&B. South African DJ and producer, Phodii has had his career rooted in the African Dance Music scene since 2014.

It is said that there’s a saying about dance music that goes “It’s felt more than it’s heard”, and that sort of emotion-evoking substance we have come to adore in dance music is what Phodii is focused on bringing out in his debut single titled, ‘Closer to Me’ which features rising singer, Shannon.

True to his Dance music roots and his love for R&B & Pop music, Phodii made it his personal mission to fuse the two different genres. On the surface, it’s said that ‘Closer to Me’ can simply be mistaken as ‘just another dance record’, whereas the song is genre-fluid as it bridges the gap between Afro House and R&B, with Shannon acting as the glue between the respective worlds.

One of the aspects I enjoy about R&B and Pop is the ability to create a song that carries depth in the subject matter, without compromising on the listening experience. Shannon and I had never met before we made this song, but our synergy in the studio allowed us to create something beautiful. As much as the song is about love, I want people to just have fun with it. It’s a perfect summer, poolside, beach or road trip type of song.

– Phodii

According to Phodii, the message of the song is twofold. On one hand, the song is about two potential lovers who want to take things to the next level – the two dream about how much joy the relationship could bring them. On the other, it personifies chasing a dream, taking that next step, and getting closer to the person you want to be. “I want people to make their own meanings up depending on what they feel from the song” Phodii further says about the song.

Listen below:

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