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Pioneers of Alté Collaborate on a New Single “Manhattan”

Let me open up this article by explaining what Alté is… you have probably heard about it or seen it somewhere, essentially Alté is transcribed as a fusion genre of music that combines elements of afrobeat, dancehall, reggae, hip hop, and alternative R&B. The term is said to have been coined in the 2010s by Nigerian music group DRB LasGidi, meaning alternative and “individualistic and non-traditional modes of self-expression” through music and fashion.

Alté has several artists that are growing the sound; Lady Donli, Odunsi, DJ Femo and Wavy the Creator, but the two standouts are TeeZee and Cruel Santino. Santino is a Nigerian alternative singer & songwriter, rapper, creative director, filmmaker and music video director. As explained in a previous article about him, Santino has since built a name for himself as a Nigerian multifaceted artist with genre-bending music that draws inspiration from Japanese anime and his alter egos.

TeeZee is a Nigerian artist who is also known as the pioneer of Alté music. His music is a blend of afrobeat, hip-hop, and R&B that beautifully characterizes the Lagos underground music scene. TeeZee believes that the Alté scene enables young Nigerians to increasingly resist oppressive cultural norms and allows them to express themselves freely.

The two have now released a single titled ‘Manhattan’ which is the epitome of Alté music. ‘Manhattan’ is a groovy record all thanks to GMK, the Grammy-Nominated producer and audio engineer. The duo also followed up with the visuals directed by London filmmaker Jerusha Rose. The visuals are giving me a Franasonic aesthetic which I absolutely love. Watch the visuals and listen to ‘Manhattan.’

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