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PR$DNT Honey Collaborates with Rich Mnisi

PR$DNT Honey who’s birth name is Rendani Nemakhavhani is a Johannesburg-based illustrator and art director. She is described differently by different publications, by herself and by friends but my favourite description of her is by Nataal. They define her as a visual artist that doesn’t use the outside world as the source of their inspiration, but rather uses her fantastical yet empowering perspective of the world as her source of creative inspiration. I love her artistry because it shines a light and celebrates blackness in the most aesthetically pleasing nature.

She just took to social media to announce an enthralling collaboration with Rich Mnisi a fellow South African fashion designer and the creative director of his self-titled contemporary & multi-disciplinary fashion brand RICH MNISI which was founded in 2014. The Rich Mnisi brand prides itself in being a high-end ready-to-wear fashion brand that celebrates heritage, and culture alongside common human experiences.

My intention while creating the portrait was to ask the question of and about beauty. In Xitsonga, ximatsatsa is a person who is thought to be beautiful, said Rendani. She went on by saying, “we live in a time where one can modify their natural features to be palatable to the taste of what is considered to be a “commercial” standard of beauty. While all of this is possible, we’re also existing in a time where other people choose to define beauty in ways that are more unique to them.”

I’ve deliberately simplified the portrait to minimum (most necessary) features. This leaves room for the audience to decide whether or not they want to modify the face to their standard of beauty or if the portrait is beautiful as it exists

– PR$DNT Honey
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