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Priddy Ugly Shares “30 minutes to Soweto” Snippet

Priddy Ugly is gearing up for the release of his highly anticipated EP titled MUD. The scene features his close collaborator Maglera Doe Boy and of course, he is playing the role of a gangster as seen in the “Por Favor” music video.

The short snippet sees Priddy Ugly pull up in front of the very same Opel Corsa with Maglera Doe Boy and sees Priddy Ugly deliver a rich, emotion-filled rap verse. As with all Priddy Ugly songs, his cadence is what reels you in and keeps you invested in the storyline. The video snippet feels like a teaser trailer for a series more than a music video. I genuinely appreciate the art direction and the gritty treatment of the video, and I cannot wait to see the finished product and perhaps, now more than ever, Priddy Ugly will solidify his place in the upper echelons of rap. Watch the snippet below.

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