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Priddy Ugly Takes The Scenic Route To Healing With His Latest Single, “30minutes to Soweto.”

Tasked with the grand duty of addressing every elephant in the room necessary to mend broken linages [STAY LOW]’s tenacious wordsmith, Priddy Ugly, unpacks the misfortunes he has endured and witnessed in his community with his latest single “30minutes to Soweto” taken off his forthcoming EP, MUD slated for release on the 2nd of September 2022.

As a chronological account of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual scars that plague his thoughts, “30minutes to Soweto” finds Priddy Ugly at the mercy of pondering hopelessness in a graphic narration of the ongoing consequences of South Africa’s relationship with poverty, crime and violence of all forms.

Priddy Ugly sustains the ideology of having faith like a mustard seed placing prayer and open dialogue among hurt people as a focal point in the inner workings of the healing process. Stream 30minutes to Soweto, request the record on your preferred radio station and connect with Priddy Ugly for More Music.

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