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PUMA Launches Cali In White/Black

The PUMA California is one of the classic silhouettes from the German brand. The California gained popularity in the 80s for its revolutionary sole. The sole consisted of a softer outer sole which makes contact with the ground when running and a more rigid construction to support the foot.

Universal training shoe for indoor and outdoor use made of air-permeable net nylon material. Perforated forepart made out out nubuck. Flexible California-Technique.

source: fantasykick.co.za

The PUMA California isn’t named after the state of California but rather a technique of making shoes. The technique refers to making shoes that consist of only two parts, the upper and the bottom. The reason was that the California’s were made during the American Civil War and women couldn’t handle the large machinery needed for making shoes, so they made a shoe that could be put together using a quilting machine.

source: puma.com
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