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PUMA Launches Sustainable RE:COLLECTION

PUMA is one of the latest brands to make the shift towards sustainable fashion with their RE:Collection. Acknowledging that the current state of mass fashion is both unsustainable and harmful to the environment, the brand has made a conscious effort to reduce the amount of waste created in their processes.

First up we are taking a look at the Cali Dream sneakers. The shoe is constructed from 20% recycled materials, leather off-cuts, recycled polyester made from plastic and recycled cotton. The result is a sleek low profile sneaker with light brown and beige accents.

The RE: Collection also expands to a range of accessories including totes and fanny packs. The collection is designed to be paired with the Cali Dreams sneakers. The accessories continue to use beige pallets with orange accents to help bring a pop to the apparel.

source: puma.com
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