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Puntsa’s “Grumpy Endings” Is The Perfect Ballad

By no means am I complaining, but being a music journalist comes with its own set of problems, like balancing subjectivity with objectivity when consuming a piece of music. With that being said, I subjectively do not enjoy ballads, but objectively I understand the skill it takes to create one. However, it is impossible for me not to enjoy the purely immaculate vocal performance Puntsa displays on “Grumpy Endings”.

Ballads are stripped down and minimalistic by nature, so there is very little I can offer in critiquing this beautiful offering. However, I can say that her angelic vocal performance gave me goosebumps. When I vouch for South African artists and their talents, I do so because of artists like Puntsa. She reminds me why I have the opportunity to do what I love. Listen to “Grumpy Endings” below.

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