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Redbat Releases Part 2 of The Halloween Story

Redbat has released part 2 of The Halloween Story, which is part of the rollout of their new line of merch. The line sees actors donning a new line of graphic tees that are based on the sinister theme of Halloween. The graphic tees feature print images of skulls and ski masks alongside plain designs that are more suitable for those who have simpler tastes in clothing and aesthetics.

Part 2 sees the continuation of the storyline built on part 1. After receiving a rather disturbing letter reading “I know what you did at Swank”, Zo freckles proceeds to call a close friend to keep her company during her moment of panic. To her terror, her friend Jordan is also a Zombie. Despite being extremely clichĂ©, I appreciate the effort in taking a new approach to releasing a themed line of clothing.

The line should be available on the Sportscene online store, however, they weren’t any images of the line available at the time of writing. Fret not, you can still take a look at some of the items that will be available by watching part 2 of The Halloween Story Part 2 below:

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