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Reports of Beyoncé & Adidas Partnership End Surface

Some news reports have been surfacing online that mention that Beyoncé and adidas have reportedly ended their relationship.

According to reputable platforms such as the Hollywood Reporter, apparently, an insider said that the Ivy Park head and the lifestyle brand have ended their relationship due to some creative differences. That article specifically also mentions how “Beyoncé is excitedly looking to reclaim her brand, chart her own path and maintain creative freedom,” and although we haven’t seen official statements yet from both parties, earlier reports of the partnership’s decline in performance could have been seen a sign leading up to this “rumoured at the moment” decision.

For some context, Ivy Park launched in 2016 with Topshop, a partnership that ended in 2018 which made Beyoncé the sole owner. In that same year, Ivy Park was re-introduced with Adidas which ballooned Ivy Park’s product offerings from just strictly athletic gear to sneakers and threads.

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