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Ria Sean Announces Upcoming EP “LOVE STATION”

Ria Sean is amongst my top picks of artists who provide a blend of Afrobeat and R&B, which I have (un)officially coined as Afro-R&B. Although the tongue-in-cheek commentary may humour you, artists like Ria Sean may have a solid argument over why this could be a legitimate subgenre in Afrobeat.

LOVE STATION will be Ria Sean’s second full offering following the release of her debut EP, Fluid, which has her breakout single titled, “Money Bag”. Unfortunately, we don’t have much else to go on regarding details around the EP, however, we can expect to receive some sort of visuals from the Aristokrat Records signee if her IG is anything to go by.

Perhaps ‘nothing to go by’ is not completely true…Ria Sean did release a single earlier on in the year titled “Thai Food”. Personally, I love the new direction she is heading towards because it aligns with the climate of Afrobeat but still holds that unique x-factor that we felt in her prior releases like the aforementioned “Money Bag”. While we wait for the rollout process to begin, kick back and listen to “Thai Food” to see what we are to expect come October 22nd.

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